Brexit can wait: Can Johnson's divorce deal pass without strings attached?


The end is near... or is it? Boris Johnson's got the deal, parliament has to vote and with trust between the two in short supply, the speaker of the House of Commons is telling the prime minister to first the pass all the legislation needed for an orderly departure from the European Union before any straight up-or-down vote on the divorce deal Johnson's brought back from Brussels.


Going into parliament's first Saturday session since the Falkands War, the prime minister had hoped for a speedy approval of his agreement. But his rivals do not want to give back control of the agenda until they are certain to avoid a no-deal crash-out on October 31. So does Johnson have the votes? Will Tuesday be the day?

We also ask our panel about the opposition's bid to rally Remainers and soft Brexiters to force a referendum on the final deal. And as Saturday's mass demonstration in London shows, we weigh just how determined and/or weary public opinion is on both sides of the Channel.

Finally, there's Europe's next move: will leaders easily grant an extension? What are the costs of yet more prolonged uncertainty as weighed against the cost of a no-deal Brexit? How long will this saga run?

Produced by Alessandro Xenos, Juliette Laurain and Ingri Bergo.

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