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The Debate

December election: Could snap poll break UK deadlock over Brexit?

By: François PICARD Follow | Alessandro XENOS
44 min

For the first time since 1923, the UK is now gearing up for a Christmas time election. With parliament hopelessly deadlocked over Brexit and the threat of a no-deal crashout avoided for now, the leader of the opposition has agreed to a December date for the vote. We review what has been another rollercoaster session in the Commons. We also ask what a December election means, and who will win it.


The Tories have a close to ten-point lead on Labour but as Theresa May discovered at her own expense last time around, a lot can happen in six weeks: never before has the electorate been so volatile. Why is that? How is Brexit disrupting the "two party" system of old in the world's longest-running parliamentary democracy? And what happens next?

Produced by Alessandro Xenos, Juliette Laurain and Ingri Bergo.

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