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UK elections, Trump's impeachment, Lebanon protests, NYC bans foie gras


Let's start with a spoiler alert on the next season of Brexit. They've decided to kill off one of the long-running series' most popular characters: John Bercow. Meanwhile, with Labour agreeing, Boris Johnson finally gets to have his snap general election.


In the United States, it's on to the next phase of impeachment hearings against Donald Trump. An even split along party lines as Democrats still hope to have the entire procedure done before primary season starts in January for the 2020 US elections. The Republicans showed remarkable discipline, falling in line behind the president's claim of a witch hunt that is politically motivated.

After two weeks of unprecedented street protests against the system in Lebanon, there's good news and bad news for customers as banks start to reopen. Under the power-sharing deal forged in 1990 at the conclusion of Lebanon's civil war, the prime minster has to be a Sunni Muslim. So when Saad Hariri tendered his resignation, it was unclear to everyone - including the president - whether he would stay on and under what guise.

And the New York City Council has heeded the call of animal rights activists and approved by a 42 to 6 margin the banning of French foie gras starting in 2022. Those guilty of serving force-fed goose liver face fines that range from $500 to $2,000. And while New York turns its back on foie gras, over in Brussels, two Michelin-starred chefs have started serving them on waffles.

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