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Trump impeachment hearings, Bolivia crisis, Venice floods, Polanski controversy


This week, the gavel sounded the start of the public process of the US House of Representatives impeachment inquiry. Wednesday saw the first two witnesses testify against Donald Trump in his dealings with Ukraine. This Friday, it was the turn of the fired US ambassador to Kiev. Over at the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue on Wednesday, the president of the United States was welcoming his Turkish counterpart, with Trump depicting his sudden decision to drop support for Syria's Kurds as a happy ending that has made everyone happy.


A post-electoral crisis in Bolivia has culminated in the police and military dropping support for the country's president of 13 years. Evo Morales has landed in Mexico where he was granted asylum. The former Bolivian president calls it a coup. Bolivia's interim government and lawmakers loyal to Morales struck a deal late on Thursday to stage a new presidential election as soon as possible.

At high tide this Friday, the water level in Venice reached 1.54 metres - less than Tuesday's highest mark in more than half a century, but still enough to pile on more pain for locals. The government has declared a state of emergency. And while local authorities blame global warming, ordinary citizens are fuming over the barriers and hydraulic systems under construction since 2003.

Fresh accusations have emerged against film director Roman Polanski. Picket lines outside the premiere on Tuesday night called on filmgoers to boycott "An Officer and a Spy". Last week, a photographer and former model accused the maker of such classics as "Chinatown", "Rosemary's Baby" and "The Pianist" of beating and raping her when she was 18 back in 1975.

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