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DILI "REVISITED" - Tuesday September 3rd (Paris time)

DILI "REVISITED" - Tuesday September 3rd (Paris time)

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Revisited is a bimonthly magazine of major reports exploring the forgotten cities that were once front-page news and is produced by the FRANCE 24 news team and correspondents throughout the world.


Ten years after gaining independence, East Timor is paying a high price for its autonomy. Cyril Payen and Pierre Vaireaux, special correspondents for FRANCE 24, journeyed South-East Asia's poorest country. In Dili, the inhabitants lack everything. Youth unemployment stands at 40% and the average salary is one dollar a day.

The only hope on the horizon is to take advantage of the oil manna under the Timor Sea – but exploitation of oil resources is not yet on the agenda.

As introduction to this report recounting the eventful history of this micro-State, Stuart Norval takes a look at Indonesia's occupation of this former Portuguese colony and its chaotic path towards independence.

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Presentation : Stuart Norval


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