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Italy's troubled waters

By: Mairead DUNDAS Follow | Valérie DEKIMPE | Sophie PIZZIMENTI | Julia GUGGENHEIM | Romain CALVETTI
8 min

This week, Down to Earth is on board with Sea Shepherd, the guardians of the ocean who are on a mission to defend the fragile ecosystem off the coast of Sicily against illegal fishing. 


Sea Shepherd's Operation SISO targets fish aggregating devices, or FADs, which attract fish through a combination of plastic buoys or floats tethered to the ocean floor with concrete blocks.

Today, some 10,000 FADs float off the coast of the Aeolian Islands. With 62 percent of its fish stocks threatened, the Mediterranean is already the most exploited sea in the world. The effect of this deadly fishing gear is proving devastating for both fish populations and the marine animals who become entangled in the crisis. The Down to Earth team reports.

>> On Watch our interview with the president of Sea Shepherd France

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