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Reaching the bottom of the barrel: Coronavirus pandemic batters EU wine production


In this edition of Talking Europe we are bathing, metaphorically speaking, in wine: one of Europe's best-known exports, and an industry that's been turned on its head by the coronavirus pandemic.


Some 16 of the EU's 27 member states produce wine: in red, white, rosé, even grey and of course sparkling varieties!

Between two to three million Europeans work in the wine sector, which is also Europe's most valuable single agricultural sector, thanks to wine's hefty added value.

What's more, France is the top producer in Europe, exporting €12 billion worth of wine each year.

In our programme, we discuss the challenges presented by the pandemic with a panel of experts - from a lack of labour to harvest the grapes, to a wine lake of unsold vintages that needs to be either drunk or stored.

Produced by Mathilde Bénézet, Isabelle Romero and Perrine Desplats


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