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Nigerian lawmakers vote to reduce president's powers

In tonight's edition: Nigerian lawmakers vote to reduce the president's powers; diamond mining companies in Namibia have started turning to the oceans in search of the gems; and Rwanda is trying to entice not only animal lovers but also tourists with cash to splash.


Nigeria's upper house votes to weaken the power of the presidency and strengthen the legislature. The move comes as President Buhari remains out of the country - some have dubbed it a power grab.

Also, diamonds are Namibia's biggest source of income - but the number of precious stones under the Namib Desert is dwindling. Now, diamond mining giant De Beers has developed a pioneering diamond boat that can pluck the stones from under the Atlantic Ocean.

And Rwanda is hoping that a recent conservation push to protect the endangered mountain gorilla will help boost tourism. The country is trying to entice not only animal lovers but also those with cash to splash.

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