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South Africa's Ramaphosa hails 'new dawn' in state of the nation address

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"Continue the long walk which Nelson Mandela began", those were the words of Cyril Ramaphosa as he delivered his first state of the nation speech this Friday. Also, refugees fleeing violence in DR Congo continue pouring into neighbouring Uganda. The UN estimates some 34,000 Congolese refugees have crossed the lake since the start of 2018. And if we say Carnival you probably think of Rio or Notting Hill, but in this show we explore celebrations on the Cape Verde islands.


But first, Cyril Ramaphosa has spoken of a "new dawn" for South Africa in his first state of the nation address this Friday. Addressing parliament, the country's new leader touched on unemployment, poverty and race and urged South Africans to "turn the tide" on corruption.

Also, in Uganda, the flow of refugees fleeing interethnic violence in neighbouring DR Congo shows little sign of abating. The UN estimates that some 34,000 Congolese refugees have arrived since the start of 2018. Our team reports from Uganda.

And are you familiar with Carnival on the Cape Verde islands? The annual event is also known as the "creole festival". Streets are packed with revellers and the atmosphere is electric - our reporters check it out.

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