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Hacking the body, and the mind: The future of connected humanity

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Britain’s Labour Party: No home for Jews?

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Backstage at the Moulin Rouge

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All the news from Africa and the Maghreb, with France 24’s correspondents and our guests on set. From Monday to Friday at 9.45 pm and 10.45 pm Paris time.

Latest update : 2018-03-03

Twin bombings rock Mogadishu

In Somalia, at least 18 people are killed after two car bombs rocked the capital on Friday evening. The al-Shabaab extremist group has claimed the attack. Also, over €400 million are pledged by international allies to help the G5 Sahel fight terrorism. And Liberia tries to drum up international tourism investment in the country after George Weah’s election win.

We begin in Somalia, where at least 18 people are dead after two car bombs rocked the capital on Friday evening. At least 20 more were wounded. Both explosions occurred near the presidential residence and sustained gunfire also broke out in the area. The al-Shabaab extremist group has claimed the attack, saying they killed 15 soldiers.

In Nigeria, parents are fearing the worst for their missing daughters after an abduction by Boko Haram. Monday evening's assault on a state-run boarding school has been followed by confusion and conflicting reports from the government.

International donors have pledged over €400 million to help the G5 Sahel fund counterterror forces. At the Sahel Summit in Brussels on Friday, around 50 countries met to discuss regional problems including security and migrant flows.

Finally, while on a three-day state visit in Paris, Liberian President George Weah worked to drum up more investment in his country. Tourism and foreign financing are two ways he hopes to make Liberia the flagship destination of West Africa.



2018-09-20 EYE ON AFRICA

Uganda's Bobi Wine returns home

In tonight's edition: Opposition MP Bobi Wine returns home to Uganda from the US and vows to continue his fight. And at least 200 people are missing in Tanzania after a ferry...

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2018-09-20 EYE ON AFRICA

Amnesty International says at least 58 killed in Addis Ababa violence

At least 58 people were killed during a weekend of ethnic violence in Ethiopia's capital, according to a new toll from Amnesty International. Also, Liberia's government says it...

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2018-09-18 EYE ON AFRICA

Amnesty warns of 'horrific' violence in Cameroon's anglophone regions

In tonight's edition: Amnesty International sounds the alarm over escalating violence in Cameroon's anglophone crisis. Also, South Africa legalises personal and private use of...

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2018-09-14 EYE ON AFRICA

Zimbabwe's government criticised over cholera outbreak

Zimbabwe's government faces growing criticism over a cholera epidemic that's killed at least 25 people, but authorities say they are committed to ending the outbreak. Also, as...

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2018-09-13 EYE ON AFRICA

Final farewell to Kofi Annan at Ghana state funeral

A final farewell to Kofi Annan: World leaders, diplomats and royalty are among the mourners paying tribute to the former UN chief and global statesman at his funeral in Ghana....

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