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Nigerian government admits missing schoolgirls have been 'abducted'

The Nigerian government admits that 110 schoolgirls were abducted last week when Boko Haram militants struck their village. Also, two more demonstrators die in anti-government protests in DR Congo as police fire on crowds. And we take you on a special guided tour through the streets of Paris, which puts the French capital's African heroes on a pedestal.


The agonizing wait for the parents of over one hundred Nigerian schoolgirls continues. Seven days after Boko Haram attacked their village in north-eastern Yobe state, the country's president has finally admitted the girls have been kidnapped. Muhammadu Buhari stressed that his government is now determined to free all those being held captive by Islamist militants.

Meanwhile, on the streets of DR Congo, security forces have once again cracked down on anti-government demonstrators, leaving at least two people dead at a rally this Sunday.

And finally from Eye On Africa, if you're looking for something a little different to do on a visit to the French capital, look no further. One company is running guided tours to show visitors the landmarks and monuments made famous by Africans or those of African descent.

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