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Dakar Mayor Khalifa Sall gets five years in prison for fraud

Senegalese politician Khalifa Sall is slapped with a five-year prison sentence after being found guilty of fraud. The conviction bars the mayor of Dakar from next year's elections - shattering his dreams of running for president. Also, we bring you a special report from our correspondents as they follow Somali police in the city of Bossaso. And in Kenya, we take a closer look at the increasing stress and strain on the environment, amid the country's burgeoning growth and thriving industry.


Senegalese politician Khalifa Sall is sentenced to five years behind bars after being found guilty of fraud. The mayor of the country's capital Dakar was accused of embezzling $3.4 million. The conviction prevents him from running in next year's presidential elections, during which he was expected to pose a strong challenge to President Macky Sall.

Also, Somali authorities are taking action in the wake of a string of armed attacks in and around Bossaso, the commercial capital of the country's Puntland region. While the local branch of al Qaeda - al Shabaab - has claimed responsibility, there are fears over the growing influence of the Islamic State group. FRANCE 24 reporters Duncan Woodside and Thais Brouck report from Bossaso, where they were embedded with the local police.

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