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All the news from Africa and the Maghreb, with France 24’s correspondents and our guests on set. From Monday to Friday at 9.45 pm and 10.45 pm Paris time.

Latest update : 2018-05-21

Burundi approves new constitution allowing president to extend time in power

Burundi votes for constitutional change in a referendum potentially opening the way for President Pierre Nkurunziza to further extend his rule. Also, a major vaccination programme is rolled out in the DRC in a bid to tackle the deadly Ebola outbreak. And NGOs demand justice for a Sudanese woman facing the death penalty for killing the husband she says tried to rape her.

In Burundi, election officials say voters have backed constitutional reforms that could let President Pierre Nkurunziza stay in power until 2034. This comes after a referendum which the opposition decried as undemocratic. Nkurunziza's controversial decision to stand for re-election in 2015 sparked an attempted coup and a crackdown in which at least 1,200 people lost their lives.

Also, a vaccination programme has been launched in DR Congo in a bid to halt the spread of Ebola. At least 26 people are believed to have been killed in the latest outbreak of the deadly virus. Conditions in the country mean the immunisation campaign is fraught with difficulties but the World Health Organization says preparedness has significantly improved since the Ebola epidemic which hit West Africa in 2014.

And this weekend saw protesters in Nairobi demand justice for a woman whose case has come to highlight issues of forced marriage and marital rape in Sudan. Noura Hussein is in jail there, potentially facing death by hanging for fatally stabbing the husband she says tried to rape her. Noura claims she was tricked into marriage by her family when she was 16. We spoke to Naitore Nyamu in Nairobi, a lawyer with Equality Now, one of the NGOs campaigning on Noura Hussein's behalf.

By Christopher MOORE , Laura DI BIASIO

Our guests

Naitore NYAMU

Human Rights lawyer, Equality Now, Africa Office


2018-10-12 EYE ON AFRICA

Dozens killed in eastern Uganda mudslides

Dozens die in eastern Uganda, where landslides triggered by torrential rains have wreaked havoc on villages and infrastructure. The death toll could yet rise. Also, the...

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2018-10-11 EYE ON AFRICA

Fake 'Transparency International observers' reported during Cameroon election

There are calls for Cameroon's presidential election to be annulled as a scandal over apparently bogus election observers deepens. Also, police in Tanzania hunt two white...

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2018-10-10 EYE ON AFRICA

Kenya bus crash kills at least 50

At least 55 people are killed in a bus crash in western Kenya. Police suspect the driver lost control of the vehicle. Also, a month after a thawing in relations between Ethiopia...

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2018-10-09 EYE ON AFRICA

South Africa's finance minister resigns over Gupta scandal

South Africa's finance minister resigns. Nhlanhla Nene quit over undisclosed meetings with the Gupta family, who are at the heart of a corruption probe in the country. Also, a...

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2018-10-08 EYE ON AFRICA

Cameroon election: Ruling party dismisses Maurice Kamto's victory claim

Opposition candidate Maurice Kamto claims victory in Cameroon's presidential election, despite no official results being released. The government says his claim is illegal. Also,...

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