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Latest update : 2017-06-23

FARC disarmament a 'historic day' for Colombia, says president

© FRANCE 24 screen grab

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos tells FRANCE 24’s Marc Perelman the completion of FARC rebels’ disarmament marks a historic step in the country’s "transition to peace".

The United Nations will formally announce that the FARC has handed back all of its weapons on Friday, President Santos said in a joint interview with FRANCE 24 and its sister radio RFI. As a result, he added, June 23 will be remembered as a “historic day” in Colombia’s “definitive transition to peace”.

Under a landmark peace agreement reached in November 2016, that ended half a century of war, the Marxist guerilla committed to surrendering its weapons to the UN mission in Colombia before the end of May. Because of logistical problems the deadline was later extended to June.

Santos, who was in France to promote post-conflict Colombia as an investment destination, said the peace deal with the FARC was irreversible, and that even its critics would not dare return to the days of guerilla warfare.

The 65-year-old president, whose efforts to bring peace to Colombia earned him a Nobel Peace Prize last year, also addressed the bombing that killed two Colombians and a French citizen last week in Bogota, saying investigators were looking at several hypotheses as to who may have perpetrated the attack.

Regarding the turmoil in neighbouring Venezuela, rocked by weeks of deadly protests, Santos said his country was attempting a mediation in order to prevent the conflict from escalating into a “civil war”.




2018-10-18 The F24 Interview

Objective 'Zero Hunger' 2030: Lambert Wilson and UN's FAO tell us how

Some 821 million people in the world face chronic food shortages and this number is on the rise, due largely to extreme climate events, economic downturns and the impact of...

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2018-10-15 The F24 Interview

South Sudan: How it won the longest war but lost the peace

For the last decade, British journalist Peter Martell has covered the situation in South Sudan. His new book is entitled "First Raise A Flag: How South Sudan Won the Longest War...

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2018-10-12 The F24 Interview

France's Macron calls disappearance of Saudi journalist 'very serious'

In an exclusive interview with FRANCE 24 and RFI, French President Emmanuel Macron called for "the whole truth" on the the disappearance of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi,...

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2018-10-12 The F24 Interview

Rwanda’s Kagame: Macron has brought ‘freshness’ to world politics

In an exclusive interview with FRANCE 24, Rwanda’s President Paul Kagame on Friday lauded his French counterpart, saying Emmanuel Macron has brought a “freshness” into the world...

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2018-10-12 The F24 Interview

'Without agreement on our borders, no European future for Kosovo and Serbia'

"When the EU and the USA have a guarantee from Serbia on the recognition of Kosovo, I will sign the peace agreement between our two countries", Kosovo's President Hashim Thaçi...

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