Paris Fashion Stories, Episode 4: Harm-free seduction


Ready-to-wear, autumn-winter 2019/2020. In this edition, we focus on French designers Isabel Marant and Simon Porte Jacquemus.


For fashion designers, Paris Fashion Week is, among other things, a chance to prove themselves. And they need to know how to last the distance. In just a dozen minutes they need to be able to show clients, buyers and journalists alike their vision. They needs to have convincing answers for questions about not only their sartorial choices, but also about the hot topics of the day.

Isabel Marant is no newcomer to fashion – she began working in the industry in the 1990s. Meanwhile Simon Porte Jacquemus, not even 30 years old, is having huge success with his sales. Both designers know that it’s a good idea to get celebrities to endorse their brands.

Marant, for example, often works with French model Constance Jablonksi to relay her messages. Musician Kiddy Smile often makes appearances on behalf of Simon Porte Jacquemus. Both designers enlisted the help of Alexandre Betak to produce their shows against sumptuous backdrops.

And what happens to all those planks of wood when the show’s over and done? They’re recycled, of course! Working in pursuit of beauty is a noble thing – even better if you can do your bit for the planet while you’re at it!

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