Video: Pakistan in mourning after school massacre

Photo: Video screen grab of Pakistani children and soldiers in Peshawar.

The Taliban-perpetrated massacre that claimed the lives of 132 school children in Peshawar on Tuesday has been condemned globally, while in the northern Pakistani city every home remains in mourning. FRANCE 24 reports from the scene of what has been described as the worst act of terrorism in the country's history.


Families in Peshawar have started burying their sons in the wake of Tuesday’s deadly assault on the Army Public School, in which 141 people were killed – the large majority of them minors. Residents say every street in the city is remembering a lost loved one.

Many other schoolchildren were wounded in the attack claimed by the Pakistani Taliban, and relatives and classmates have flooded hospitals in search of survivors. Those who are recovering from their wounds say the hospital visits have seen some joyful reunions alongside tragic news of the death of someone dear to them.

The massacre has been met with widespread condemnation across Pakistan and the government has announced a three-day mourning period, but it is too early to know if the incident will be a turning point in public opinion in the ongoing fight against extremists.

Click on the player above to watch FRANCE 24’s video report from Peshawar.

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