Why Anglophone separatists want independence in Cameroon

Over the past year, dozens of people have died in Cameroon fighting for the independence of an English-speaking area of the country, known as Ambazonia. Now their supporters are determined to turn their dream for independence into a reality.


Ambazonia is a merging of two Anglophone provinces of Cameroon, a ghost state that separatists have dreamt of since the unification of the country 56 years ago. The drive for independence has been fuelled by a feeling of marginalisation amongst Cameroon's Anglophone community.

French and English are both official languages in Cameroon, but Anglophones still talk about being sidelined in their own country - Paul Biya's government is dominated by Francophones. In recent months, lawyers and teachers have protested against the alleged imposition of French in courts and schools, leading to hundreds of arrests and hospitalisations.

In this exclusive report FRANCE 24 met with those affected by this growing movement - from innocent children injured in conflicts over Ambazonia, to the independence leaders taking refuge in neighbouring Nigeria.

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