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RFI investigation finds slain UN experts were 'deliberately misled' in DR Congo

On March 12, two UN investigators were killed in DR Congo's volatile Kasai region. New information has now come to light in an investigation by our sister station RFI. Also, plagued by delays and disputes, the five-day African National Congress conference draws to a close in South Africa. And we visit a Christmas market in the Algerian capital, celebrating diversity and peace among religious communities.


On March 12, UN investigators Zaida Catalan and Michael Sharp were killed while investigating violence in DR Congo's Kasai region. Their bodies were found two weeks later in a shallow grave and one of them had been decapitated. Months on from their murder, new information has come to light in an investigation conducted by Sonia Rolley, a journalist from our sister station RFI. She tells us more.

Also, the African National Congress conference wrapped up this Wednesday. The five-day conference has been plagued by delays and disputes. It officially closed with a speech from the ANC's new leader Cyril Ramaphosa.

Finally, in the Algerian capital, a small Christmas market has opened to cater for a rising number of Christian migrants as well as diplomats and locals. Algeria is a predominantly Muslim country, but in the traditional Christmas spirit, the market has been celebrating peace among religious communities.

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