Springsteen lends his voice, and a song, to a Biden ad

New York (AFP) –


American rock star Bruce Springsteen is lending his voice and one of his songs to a campaign ad for Joe Biden, underlining his support for the Democratic candidate just three days before the Tuesday election.

It will not be the first time the iconic singer/songwriter has shown his support for the former vice president.

In August, Springsteen granted permission for the Biden campaign to use his song "The Rising" as background music to a video shown at the opening of the Democratic National Convention.

He has publicly lashed Trump as a "threat to our democracy."

In narrating the campaign ad, which airs for the first time Saturday, Springsteen talks about Biden's blue-collar roots in Scranton, Pennsylvania, a battleground state likely to play a crucial role in the election.

"Scranton, Pennsylvania," the "Boss" says on the video. "Here, success isn't handed down. It's forged with sweat, grit and determination."

It was a barely veiled allusion to Donald Trump, whose millionaire father gave him a substantial chunk of his fortune.

"This place stays with him, these streets are part of him," the 71-year-old singer says of Biden. "This is more than where he's from, it is who he is for."

The message, to be broadcast Saturday evening during a college football game, ends to the swelling sounds of "My Hometown," from what is probably Springsteen's most famous album, "Born in the USA."