Hungary goalkeeper takes stand against controversial adoption law

Budapest (AFP) –


RB Leipzig's Hungarian goalkeeper Peter Gulacsi on Tuesday took a stand against a law in his home country which in effect bans LGBT couples from adopting children.

The ex-Liverpool player criticised the law introduced by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban's government in December.

"Everyone has the right to equality," wrote Gulacsi, who has made 36 appearances for Hungary, on Facebook.

"The same way every child has the right to grow up in a happy family, of any gender, of any colour, of any religion."

The law says that only married couples can adopt children, practically excluding LGBT Hungarians as gay marriage is not permitted in the country.

Gulacsi has played outside of Hungary since joining Liverpool from MTK Budapest FC in 2007.

"The more time a person spends abroad, the more they realise that... love, acceptance and tolerance for others is the most important," he added.

Orban has enacted a socially conservative policy agenda in recent years, shaping Hungary into what he calls a "Christian-conservative" bastion against liberal ideologies.

With Hungarian sportspeople rarely commenting in public on current affairs or social issues, Gulacsi's post prompted over 5,000 comments within a few hours.

"Thank you Peter! It would be good if more of your sporting colleagues followed your example," said one reply.

Most comments were critical of the shot-stopper however, with one message urging Gulacsi to "stick to the football".

Gulacsi and his wife support several charities in Hungary, last year reportedly donating 69,000 euros ($83,906) to help a child suffering from spinal muscular atrophy (SMA).