Dodgers pitcher Bauer denies another sex assault allegation by Ohio woman

Los Angeles (AFP) –


Dodgers pitcher Trevor Bauer made his first public comments since being accused in June of sexual assault, using social media to deny another assault allegation contained in a Washington Post story on Saturday.

"This is a continuation by the woman and her attorneys to make good on their threats to harm me by perpetuating false narrative," Bauer said on Twitter in response to the Post story reporting that an Ohio woman sought a temporary order of protection in June 2020, when Bauer pitched for the Cincinnati Reds.

The Post reported that it obtained photos showing facial injuries that the woman's attorney said Bauer caused by punching and choking her during sex without consent.

The story, citing a police report, also reports that the woman attempted to show police officers photos of her injuries in an incident at Bauer’s apartment in 2017.

"This has been a game to her from the beginning but my life is not a game and I won't stand by idly and allow this conduct to continue," Bauer said on Twitter.

Bauer accused the newspaper of attempting to create a "false narrative" by contacting his female friends and acquaintances.

"Despite my representatives providing a wealth of contradictory evidence, documents, statements, and background information showing the pattern of disturbing behavior by this woman and her attorneys, The Washington Post opted to ignore much of this information and to run a salacious story disseminating defamatory statements, false information, and baseless allegations," said Bauer, who claims the woman harassed and physically assaulted him then tried to "extort me for millions of dollars last year in exchange for her not coming forward with false claims."

Major League Baseball placed Bauer on paid administrative leave on July 2 after police in California confirmed they were investigating allegations of sexual assault made by a California woman, who obtained a restraining order against him.

No charges have been filed in that case, but Bauer's leave has been extended five times, most recently on Friday.

Bauer is now scheduled to be sidelined through Friday. A civil hearing to decide whether the California woman's restraining order should remain in place is scheduled to start on Monday.