Compulsory jabs: Pressure mounts on anti-vaxxers

Paris (AFP) –


As the United States requires companies to ensure their workers are vaccinated or tested, we look at the growing number of countries coming up with measures to pressure people into getting jabbed against Covid-19.

- Compulsory -

Ex-Soviet Tajikistan and Turkmenistan, along with the Vatican -- the world's smallest state -- are among the rare countries that have made vaccinations mandatory for all adults.

The South Pacific French territory of New Caledonia has also said it will make vaccination compulsory for all its inhabitants and visitors.

- United States -

President Joe Biden announced strict new rules Thursday that will directly affect an estimated 80 million people.

The most broad-reaching requires companies with more than 100 workers to ensure they all or vaccinated or take weekly tests.

Among the US states and cities to issue their own regulations, California and New York City are demanding the same from public sector workers.

San Francisco has said it will require all municipal employees to be vaccinated or they could face penalties up to and including dismissal.

And children aged 12 or over who attend public schools in Los Angeles must be fully vaccinated by the start of 2022.

- France -

French healthcare staff, retirement home workers and others working with vulnerable people have until Wednesday to get vaccinated.

The country's health pass, restricting access to places like cinemas, museums, restaurants and long distance travel to the vaccinated or those with a negative test, also piles on the pressure to be jabbed.

- Greece -

Health workers in both the public and private sectors have been required to be vaccinated since September 1.

- Italy -

Italian doctors and health workers must get vaccinated or face being banned from working directly with patients. Vaccinations will be compulsory for retirement home workers from October 10.

Unvaccinated teachers, school and university staff and students must show proof of a negative test every two days.

- Britain -

From November 11 anyone working or volunteering in a care home will need to be fully vaccinated.

- Canada -

Justin Trudeau's government said in mid-August that it would require all federal workers to be vaccinated by the end of September and most commercial rail, air and ship passengers to also have shots.

- Russia -

Moscow has ordered mandatory jabs for anyone working in the service industry, with other cities including Saint Petersburg following suit.

- Hungary -

Prime Minister Viktor Orban has said vaccination will become compulsory for caregivers.

- Kazakhstan -

The ex-Soviet nation has ordered workers in sectors ranging from the service industry to banking and entertainment to be vaccinated or be restricted from working face-to-face with colleagues of the public.

- Fiji -

The Pacific nation has issued a "no jabs, no job" policy for public servants and private sector employees.

- Equatorial Guinea -

Vaccination has been compulsory in Equatorial Guinea since July 20 for certain professions including the military, health workers and teachers.

- Gambia -

The small West African nation made vaccination mandatory in mid-August for workers in the tourist sector.

- Zimbabwe -

Zimbabwe said on Wednesday that it would force officials to resign if they did not get jabbed.

- China -

Some 20 local authorities including the city of Chuxiong in Yunnan province have warned that unvaccinated residents over 18 will soon no longer be admitted to hospitals, schools or on public transport.

- Saudi Arabia -

While there is no formal requirement for vaccination, restrictions for the non-vaccinated in a number of places mean there is a de facto obligation.

Only vaccinated employees can enter their workplaces and Riyadh has decided that anyone using public transport or entering a government or private establishment also must be jabbed.

- Companies -

In the US, CVS pharmacies, Chevron, Disney and Goldman Sachs are among the increasing number of big companies to require that some or all of their staff are vaccinated.

In Australia -- where nursing home staff must have a first dose by September 17, airline Qantas has made jabs compulsory for all its workers.