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#THE 51%

One is not enough: China to encourage people to have more children

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A Pulitzer Prize-winning 'Trajectory': Richard Russo on writing small town America

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#TECH 24

Hacking the body, and the mind: The future of connected humanity

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Colombia: Cursed by coca in Catatumbo

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Britain’s Labour Party: No home for Jews?

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Outfoxed: The mystery of the ‘Croydon Cat Killer’

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Backstage at the Moulin Rouge

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Video: Hero or dictator? Ugandans divided over Idi Amin Dada’s legacy

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Sobel Aziz Ngom: Mentoring the next generation of African leaders and entrepreneurs

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Latest update : 2014-10-01

On the frontline of horror: Editing images from war zones

The AFP's "Making-Of" news blog details the gruesome task for picture and video editors of sifting through material sent from war zones. Later, we look at a story from Australia about a little girl called Isis - not the easiest name to have these days. Also, Donald Trump becomes the laughing stock of Twitter.



2018-09-20 MediaWatch

Brexit plan panned by EU leaders

Theresa May's Brexit plan sinks without an alternative in Salzburg. Donald Tusk has declared it dead, while the French president has hit out at the "liars" who convinced the...

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2018-09-18 MediaWatch

Maduro: Let them eat steak

Videos of the Venezuelan president feasting at a celebrity chef's restaurant have caused widespread anger. With much of the country struggling to find food, Nicolas Maduro...

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2018-09-14 MediaWatch

Trump: Puerto Rico hurricane toll 'is a Democratic plot to make me look bad'

In today's MediaWatch, Nadia Massih takes us through Donald Trump's latest tweetstorm, described by CNN as "patently false". Also, on the day that RT published an interview with...

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2018-09-12 MediaWatch

Will Europe's copyright plans change the internet?

There's panic on the world wide web as the European Parliament backs a plan to make sweeping changes to copyright law. Could it spell the end of GIFs and memes, some of the...

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2018-09-11 MediaWatch

9/11 and the presidential fist pump

There's been criticism of the US president for his way of marking the 17th anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks, which included angry tweets and a double fist pump ahead of a...

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