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Telling the tales of the women of IS group: FRANCE 24 meets writer Azadeh Moaveni


"The Brides of Jihad", "Married to the Islamic State", "Women under the Caliphate"... These are just a few examples of newspaper headlines about the girls and women, hailing from over 50 countries, who joined the extremist group in Iraq and Syria. One woman decided to delve deeper into their stories. Iranian-American writer Azadeh Moaveni travelled across the Middle East, the Mediterranean and Northern Europe to tell the tales of the "gone girls". She has just published a book on the subject, entitled "Guest House for Young Widows: Among the Women of ISIS". She joins us in the studio.


Meanwhile, anger and violence have spread throughout Iraq over a week, leaving over 100 people dead. At the heart of the protest movement: a corrupt leadership, a lack of basic services and unemployment. The Iraqi authorities, for their part, have intermittently cut off the internet, imposed a curfew and deployed security forces to crack down on the protesters. 

And Turkey prepares for a military offensive into northern Syria, casting doubt on the fate of Kurdish forces backed by the United States. This comes following a surprise announcement by Donald Trump to pull US troops out of the region.

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