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'Our Women on the Ground': Zahra Hankir gives a voice to Arab female journalists


This week, we talk to Zahra Hankir, whose book "Our Women on the Ground" brings together the voices of 19 Arab women journalists. They hail from Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Palestine and beyond. Love and loss, sexual harassment, struggles with gender identity and restrictions in a deeply patriarchal system are just some of the themes addressed in the book. She tells us more.


Meanwhile, in Iraq, since the start of October, more than 260 Iraqis have been killed protesting against a government they see as corrupt. The country's prime minister made a plea calling for an end to the movement, which he says is costing Iraq's economy billions of dollars. But the protesters know that economic pressure is one of their most powerful tools. FRANCE 24's Baghdad correspondent Ibrahim Saleh reports.

Meanwhile, in Lebanon, demonstrators have been speaking out against the ruling elite, as well as voicing their frustration with religious parties. Over the weekend, however, supporters of the president - with an explicitly Christian agenda - took to the streets. Our team Nadia Massih, Georges Yazbeck, Romeo Langlois and Mayssa Awad report from Beirut.


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