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FRANCE 24's Observers now available in Persian thanks to RFI editorial staff

FRANCE 24's Observers now available in Persian thanks to RFI editorial staff

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In the run up to Iran's presidential election on June 14th , RFI's Persian editorial staff has launched a new version of the FRANCE 24 Observers website.


This platform is a forum for Iranians to share their views and speak freely about life in their country, through photos, videos and exclusive testimonials.

This version of FRANCE 24's platform has been named The Observers-Iran. It is run by RFI's Persian editorial staff, which has teamed up with the FRANCE 24 Observers staff and its expertise in dealing with user-generated content and fact-checking methods which is applied to every testimonial before posting.

The Observers-Iran aims to bring this platform closer to Persian speakers (in Iran and abroad) and expand its network of contributors in the country. The most compelling and significant testimonials are also translated into the three FRANCE 24 Observers languages (French, Arabic and English) and may be used on FRANCE 24, RFI and Monte Carlo Doualiya channels, to enrich the channels’ coverage of the presidential election.

The three international French media are together working to offer viewers, listeners and web users a comprehensive coverage of Iran's presidential election, delivering uncompromisingly accurate news.

The weekly Observers TV programme that airs on FRANCE 24 since June 8th until June 14th also focuses on Iran's presidential election by including the testimonials from amateur contributors inside the country.

Presented in French: Julien Pain / Arabic: Sarra Grira / English: Derek Thomson

About RFI in Persian
RFI’s Persian editorial staff produces daily news programmes that air in Iran, Afghanistan, Tajikistan and across Central Asia on short waves. On the occasion of the presidential election, RFI in Persian is also availablle on the Hotbird satellite, one of the satellites that best serves the region.

A dedicated website allows the Iranian diaspora to access all the programmes and news updates from the editorial staff in Persian - audio and video >

About FRANCE 24's Observers
Julien Pain set up FRANCE 24's Observers in 2007 in French, Arabic and English. Today, it comprises a network of 3,000 regular contributors on the five continents, over 60,000 registered members and a substantial community on social media in the three languages. After fact-checking, the videos, text and photos that viewers contribute from the heat of the action enhance journalists' work.

The 2009 Iranian Green Movement that followed Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's re-election was one of the first major events that The Observers covered and highlighted the platform's power.


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