Colombian villagers caught between soldiers and guerrilla fighters, and a pilot whale massacre in the Faroe islands

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Story 1: Colombia

A gigantic dam is being constructed on the Cauca river in Colombia. When it’s finished in 2022, it will be the country’s biggest source of electricity. But there’s a problem – it’s built in an area controlled by FARC guerrilla fighters. Local residents are not only losing their lands to make way for the dam, they’re also getting caught in the crossfire between the FARC and the army. Our Observer Isabella experienced this firsthand in late August.


Story 2: Faroe Islands

The Faroe islands are a small archipelago north of Scotland. For years, it’s been the scene of a very bloody tradition. It’s called Grindadrap, or Grind for short… and our Observer is ready to do anything to stop it…

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