The Observers

Filming inside Raqqa and Africans attacked in Delhi metro

A news show produced exclusively from content provided by amateurs. Photos, videos and personal accounts from our network of Observers around the world - all checked by our staff in Paris. First run Saturdays at 8:10 am Paris time.


Story 1: Syria

We begin today in northern Syria, in the city of Raqqa, headquarters of the organisation that calls itself the Islamic State. Residents say the group rules the city with an iron fist, arresting people they don't like, often executing them in public squares. Most people are terrified into submission - but not all. Our first Observer today is a young man who dares to film what's going on in Raqqa, and send it out to the rest of the world.


Story 2: India

Our next Observer is an African student studying in India, in the capital, New Delhi. He has a story about some friends of his who had a close call on the Delhi metro.

Our Observer says it's not uncommon for African students to be harassed and made fun of in India.

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