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The Observers

Ebola orphans in Liberia and puppy mills in Indonesia

A news show produced exclusively from content provided by amateurs. Photos, videos and personal accounts from our network of Observers around the world - all checked by our staff in Paris. First run Saturdays at 8:10 am Paris time.


Story 1: Liberia

Our first Observer today works with at-risk children - and it's hard to imagine children who could be facing a greater risk. Janessa Wells works with children who have already lost their parents to ebola - and are waiting to see whether they will suffer the same fate. She helps them get through the agonizing 21 days they must wait to see if they are infected, too.


Story 2: Indonesia

To Indonesia now, where dog lovers - like anywhere else - seek out purebreeds. Bulldogs, chihuahuas, shih-tzus, you name it.... But that can encourage unscrupulous breeders to set up so-called puppy mills, for profit. In a country where animal welfare laws are seldom enforced, our observer has one weapon in her arsenal - persuasion.

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