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A 3-year sit-in in Morocco, and politicians in dumpsters in Ukraine

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Story 1: Ukraine

We begin today with politics in Ukraine. The Maidan revolution removed Viktor Yanukovich from power, but barely a year later, many members of his party are getting back into public life. That is not going down well with the Maidan protesters - especially the harcore nationalists who are aligned with Praviy Sektor, or Right Sector


Story 2: Morocco

Now for what might be the world's longest-running environmental sit-in. It's happening in Morocco, high in the Atlas Mountains. Berber villagers say a nearby silver mine doesn't employ enough locals, consumes too much of their water, and contaminates the water it uses. They occupied a water facility on a hilltop - and more three years later, they're still there.

Imiter Metallurgic, the company that operates the mine, admits it recycles only 60% of its waste. But the company says 40% of its workforce is local, not the 14% claimed by the protesters.

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