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The Observers

Setting dogs on minors in the West Bank, and mining under train tracks in DR Congo

The Observers present a collaborative weekly news show produced exclusively with content provided by amateurs.


Story 1: Israel

We begin in the West Bank, with a video that has changed the rules for the Israeli army - at least for now. It shows soldiers using an attack dog during the arrest of a Palestinian teenager. The key moments were caught by a camera mounted on one of the soldiers' helmets. Our Observer is an Israeli who follows human rights issues in the West Bank.

After the video appeared online, the Israeli army called the soldiers' conduct unprofessional and suspended the use of canine units until new guidelines can be put in place.


Story 2: Democratic Republic of Congo

Now to the Democratic Republic of Congo in Central Africa. The country is reckoned to be the richest in the world in terms of mineral desposits - and one of the poorest in terms of how its people actually live. The poor can though make money from the minerals - if they are desperate enough. Here's our Observer Alexandre.

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