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The Observers

Student unrest in Ivory Coast, and attacks on students in Mexico

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The Observers present a collaborative weekly news show produced exclusively with content provided by amateurs.


Story 1: Ivory Coast

We begin today in Ivory Coast, West Africa. Just before the Easter holidays, there was a wave of strikes in the country's universities. Students were angry over late payments and a lack of teaching materials. The unrest quickly spread to high schools, and even to junior highs, like the one attended by our Observer Chrystelle. She filmed what happened.

Story 2: Mexico

Now to Mexico, to a remote teaching college in Guerrero state that has unfortunately become famous. That's because 43 of its students were rounded up by police last September - and disappeared. Six months later, students from the same college, the Burgos Rural Teachers College of Ayotzinapa, still find themselves being harassed by police. Our observer, a former student, says it's no surprise, given the school's proud history.

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