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Mental health woes in Gabon, and a 'massacre' in Angola

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Story 1: Gabon

The small nation of Gabon in West Africa has just one mental hospital - in the whole country. The facility is located in the capital Libreville, and its staff have been on strike for more than a year. Our Observer explains why.


Story 2: Angola

A mystery now from Angola in southern Africa - and perhaps a horror story. On April 16, around 3,000 members of a Christian sect had assembled on a remote mountain for a meeting. They were dispersed in a major police operation, and haven't been seen since. It's impossible to know exactly what happened, because the police are keeping journalists away from the site. But someone posted a video online that appears to have been taken just after the raid.

While members of the opposition say hundreds of people were killed, the head of the regional police denies there was a massacre. He says police killed 13 of the group's guards who were firing at them, and challenges anyone who claims otherwise to produce some evidence.

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