The follies (and frailties) of 'Hashtag Activism'

From the follies of "hashtag activism" to propaganda wars between East and West, Nigeria and Ukraine continue to motivate the scribes in today's papers.


The Independent, in its coverage of the protest against Boko Haram, quotes a Nigerian author who says hashtag activism is like lighting candles as a cure for cancer. It's a critical look at the West's approach to troubled regions like Nigeria. 

The Moscow Times reports on the referendum in the east of Ukraine, and describes a war of propaganda, where Russian television portrayed the referendum as a seamless exercise in democracy, while the West depicted it as a chaotic mess. You decide. 

An Austrian drag queen has won the Eurovision song contest, and it's prompted debate about what it all means for Europe. The Telegraph says it's a celebration of tolerance. The Guardian however, warns of the tweets of disgruntled dissenters representing those who don't agree with this new side of Europe, and they'll likely make themselves heard in protest votes at the European elections in two weeks. 

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