Shifts in the propaganda war waged between Israelis and Palestinians

Alongside the increasingly bloody conflict in Gaza, a war of words and graphic images has broken out, with some arguing that Israel’s PR machine is breaking down.


In the Huffington Post, British author and journalist Paul Mason argues that Twitter is being used increasingly effectively by Palestinian supporters, by victims on both sides and above all, by journalists.

Analyst Deepa Kumar argues in Salon the US has fallen in with the Israeli government’s message, but an American public increasingly exposed to the bloodletting is starting to get a different picture of the conflict than the one given by conventional media outlets.

It’s been more than 100 days since the Nigerian schoolgirls were kidnapped, and the country’s biggest daily, The Punch speculates on where all the money for beefing up the armed forces has gone, when Boko Haram seems better equipped and readier for battle than the Nigerian army.

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