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Are there lessons to be learned from Chirac’s foreign policy?

By: Antoine MARIOTTI
1 min

Former French president Jacques Chirac died on Thursday at the age of 86. How should we view the foreign policy of a president who famously said "non" to the US war on terror?


Jacques Chirac certainly made France’s voice heard on the world stage from 1995-2007. His foreign policy style was praised for its panache and independence but also criticised for jeopardising France’s alliances. Should we view his foreign policy as a new type of diplomacy or simply a continuity of the Charles de Gaulle and François Mitterrand years?

In this documentary, world leaders from this era - former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, former German chancellor Gerard Schröder and George W. Bush’s aide Paul Wolfowitz - discuss Chirac’s foreign policy for the first time.

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