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Sports analytics: How big tech is helping get variables right on the racetracks

Julia Sieger.
Julia Sieger. © FRANCE 24

Are data scientists becoming more important than athletes? In this edition, we tell you how the motorsports industry is turning to big data to get hundreds of variables right on the racetracks.


The use of data for enhancing performance is nowhere more crucial than in motorsports. Whether it's designing cars to achieve aerodynamic gains, extracting maximum performance during the race or rectifying errors for the next races, big data is perhaps one of the most important tools for engineers. 

We ask Boris Bermes, the head of racing and testing operations at the German team ByKolles Racing, what kind of data a team competing at the highest level relies on. 

But first, imagine being able to see inside a mummy without ever removing its bandages. Scientists in the UK have done just that, using micro-CT scans to create 3D models of animal mummies without ever unwrapping them. 

And in Test 24, as teleworking becomes the new normal in the wake of Covid-19, we test a full body screen that will give you a more realistic interaction with your colleagues who are off site.

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