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Tune in: Is the music industry taking a "virtual" turn?

Julia Sieger, Dhananjay Khadilkar and Jean-Michel Jarre
Julia Sieger, Dhananjay Khadilkar and Jean-Michel Jarre © France24

From John Legend to Scott Davis, many big names in music are pushing their avatars on stage favouring virtual concerts. This as Covid-19 continues to stall the comeback of live music.Can technology enhance creativity? We ask that question to the famous music composer Jean-Michel Jarre.    


The power of music to heal and to bring joy is often felt most intensely at live performances. But during the coronavirus lockdown, in France and elsewhere, going to a show wasn't possible, even if the need for music was perhaps greater than ever.

Many musicians, out of solidarity, played, and continue to play, online from their homes. These digital concerts have been a success. So much so, that artists are now thinking of continuing to stream their concerts online, but for a fee. Solange Mougin tells us if the future of concerts is online.

Also, we speak to the famous French electronic music pioneer Jean Michel Jarre who is one of the biggest champions of VR concerts. On June 21st, he held a virtual event called 'Alone Together' that got hundreds of thousands of views on both VR and non-VR platforms. This allowed fans who were using headsets to interact with one another through virtual avatars. 

We also turn to our inhouse expert, Dhananjay Khadilkar about the most innovative startups that were showcased at this year's Midem, a leading event for the global music community.

In Test 24, we look at a new application developed by a French startup that facilitates organising jam sessions. 


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