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Beyong 5G: The 6G revolution is ushering a new era

Julia Sieger
Julia Sieger © france24

As a heated debate is currently underway in France over the potential health and environmental consequences of 5G, we tell you what the next gen of network is set to change. We also talk about the prospect of 6G that is supposed to usher in the era of cyborgs.  


As France was due to start delivering 5G licenses, newly-elected left and Green Party mayors have asked for a national debate over the environmental and health consequences of the technology.

The French president brushed aside the complaints describing those who oppose it as living in the past and wanting to go back to "amish" technology. So what exactly is 5G and does it pose any risks? Our inhouse expert has part of the answer. 

As 5G isn't even rolled out yet in France, its successor, the 6th generation of wireless mobile networks, is being developed. Some scientists say it will be necessary to facilitate improvements in the areas of imaging, presence technology and location awareness. Well speak more about this ultrafast network with Tommaso Melodia, Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the William L. Smith Northeastern University. 

In Test24, we try a gadget that is almost set to turn your car into a batmobile. The Lanmodo Night Vision System has the power to turn night into day by revealing colors. 

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