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Terms of use

Legal notices

I – Legal information:

1. Publisher

France Médias Monde
Société anonyme (French public limited company) with capital of €5,347,560
Nanterre Trade and Companies Register: 501 524 029
Registered office: 80, rue Camille Desmoulins
92130 Issy Les Moulineaux

Editor-in-Chief: Marie-Christine Saragosse

Contact by e-mail: Contact form:
France Médias Monde switchboard: +33 1 84 22 84 84

2. Web hosts

18-20 rue du Faubourg du Temple
75011 Paris
Telephone: +33 1 70 13 70 00

12 rue Oradour-sur-Glane
75015 Paris

II – General Terms of Use:

1. Purpose:

The purpose of these General Terms of Use (hereinafter “GTU”) is to specify and determine the terms and conditions under which France Médias Monde makes its France 24 channel website at (hereinafter the “Website”) available to you, and the terms governing your access and visits to the Website.

2. Definitions:

For the purposes of these GTU:

“General Terms of Use” or “GTU” refers to the provisions provided herein, accepted by the Users and governing access to and use of the Website.

“Comment(s)” refers to the text(s) written by the User to comment on the Content (cf. definition below). User Comments can be seen by any Internet user visiting the Website.

“User Account” refers to the space on the Website reserved for the User by means of a personal login and password, enabling him/her to receive newsletters.

“Content” broadly refers to the content and elements contained on the Website, in particular photographs, images, texts, articles, illustrations, sounds, videos and the Video-Player and Audio-Player (cf. definitions below).

“User Content” refers to the texts, illustrations, photos, images, sounds and videos of any kind made available by the Users in the Contributions Spaces.

“Contributions Spaces” refers to all the pages provided for Users on the Website where they can comment on the Content.

“Video-Player” refers to the software programme enabling the playback of video Content. The Video-Player is exportable and allows third parties previously authorised by an agreement to post said Content on their websites under the conditions laid down in these GTU. It is the YouTube video player used by France Médias Monde.

“Audio-Player” refers to the software programme enabling the playback of audio Content. The Audio-Player is exportable and allows third parties previously authorised by an agreement to post said Content on their websites under the conditions laid down in these GTU.

“Services” refers to the services accessible on and/or from the Website and produced by France Médias Monde.

“Partner Services” refers to the services produced by third party partners accessible on and/or from the Website, in particular via hyperlinks placed in different sections.

“Website” refers to the France 24 website at and all of its versions, regardless of how they are accessed (mobile website and applications in particular).

3. Acceptance of GTU:

Any use of the Website and/or of any mobile and/or tablet application produced and distributed by France Médias Monde for its France 24 channel (hereinafter the “Service(s)”) is made under these GTU, the purpose of which is to determine the terms and conditions of use of the Services and Content offered on the Website.

Accessing the Website implies the application and acceptance of these GTU. The GTU applicable are those in force on the date each time the User logs onto the Website.

It is specified that France Médias Monde may amend the GTU at any time in order to adapt them to the Service developments and current legislation. Users are made aware of these modifications simply through their publication online. From then on, they are deemed as accepted without reservation by any User accessing the Website after they have been published online. Consequently, the User is advised to check them on each visit to become aware of the latest version available on the Website.

4. Partner Services:

The Website also allows access to Partner Services via hyperlinks embedded in different sections of the Website to websites, content and services produced by said partners. The Partner Services can be accessed in particular by clicking on promotional features (banners, videos, etc.).

The User acknowledges that such Partner Services are entirely independent from France Médias Monde. Therefore, any use of the Partner Services via the Website shall be exclusively subject to the terms of use and/or sale specific to each Partner Service and their personal data protection policy.

France Médias Monde shall not be held liable for the accessible content, all offers, information consulted or transactions performed on the Partner Services. Likewise, France Médias Monde offers no guarantees as regards compliance with current regulations by the publishers of the Partner Services, which are solely responsible.

5. Users

5.1 User accounts

Access to the Website is free and not subject to prior registration.

Nevertheless, some services provided on the Website (such as the sending of newsletters) may be subject to prior registration by the User, his/her identification and the use of a User Account.

When creating his/her User Account, the User will be asked to select a user ID and associated password, which are strictly personal and confidential. The User shall be presented with a registration form for providing France Médias Monde with certain personal information which is compulsory or optional according to the notes on the form. If the User does not provide the information identified as compulsory, the creation of the User Account cannot be validated.

This personal data is collected and stored with the User’s consent and shall be subject to processing as defined in Article 10 of these GTU.

5.1.1 Protection of minors

In the event that the User is a minor private individual, he or she hereby declares and acknowledges having obtained the prior authorisation of their parents or of the person or persons with parental authority over him or her to browse the Website. The person or persons with parental authority has/have agreed to ensure compliance with all of the provisions in these GTU when the minor User is using the Website.

Parents (or those with parental authority) are invited to supervise the use made of the Service by their children (those in their charge) and to keep in mind that the Service is intended to appeal to a wide audience and that in their capacity of legal guardian, it is the parents’ responsibility to determine what Website is or is not suitable for their child/children and to supervise their use thereof. For further information on filtering, particularly in order to protect minors, France Médias Monde advises parents to contact their Internet service provider and refer to the following page:


It is specified that minors under the age of 16 are not allowed to create a User Account.

5.1.2 User IDs for third-party services

User IDs for third-party services such as Facebook, Twitter, Google + and LinkedIn may have to be used in order to access some functions and services.

The User must log on with user IDs specific to these different third-party services for all social network functions involving interaction with said third-party services.

The creation and use of these accounts and the personal data provided by the User to these third-party services are governed by the terms of use and the personal data protection policy specific to each third-party service, releasing France Médias Monde from any liability in this respect.

5.2 Contribution Spaces

5.2.1 Users have the opportunity to comment on the Content posted on the Website (hereinafter “the Comments”) and/or to post texts, videos, sounds, images and/or photographs (hereinafter the “User Content”). These Comments and User Comments can be seen by any Internet user visiting the Website.

France Médias Monde does not carry out any checks a priori of the User Content and/or Comments posted by the Users, who remain liable for the content of the Comments and/or User Content they have produced.

Under no circumstances may France Médias Monde be held liable for the basis of Comments and/or User Content posted online by a User who does not hold the rights required for such a posting.

Any User who posts Comments and/or User Content on the Website expressly authorises France Médias Monde to store, reproduce and represent said Comments and/or User Content free of charge and on a non-exclusive basis, for the entire duration of the intellectual property rights upon their publication.

It is specified that for technical reasons, certain User Content may be reformatted in accordance with the provisions of Article 7.3 of these GTU (especially the font, size and spelling). No substantive changes shall be made to the Comments and/or User Content without the express prior written consent of the User who is the author of said User Content.

5.2.2 The User undertakes not to post User Content and Comments on the Website which do not comply with current legislation in France, and in particular which:

- are contrary to public order and common decency

- violate another person’s privacy

- constitute an infringement of the confidentiality of journalists' sources

- violate professional confidentiality

- allude to racial, religious and ethnic origin, physical features or a person’s disability, unless these references are relevant to the understanding of the information

- contribute to the dissemination of a work protected by the Intellectual Property Code without having the required prior authorisations

- constitute an insult, a vilification, a denigration, a violation of a person’s honour, reputation and dignity, an incitement to racial hatred or an act of unfair competition

- constitute a violation of a victim's dignity

- compromise the identity of victims of assault or sexual assault, unless the person has given his/her written consent

- enable the dissemination of information concerning the identity or enabling the identification of a minor

- encourage the committing of crimes and/or offences inciting the use of banned substances or inciting suicide

- defend certain crimes, particularly murder, rape, war crimes and crimes against humanity

- are of a racist, anti-Semitic, xenophobic, revisionist, obscene, pornographic or paedophilic nature

Furthermore, the Users undertake to write Comments and/or User Content which:

- are relevant to and connected with the topic being commented on or concerned

- are easy for everyone to read and understand, avoiding overuse of abbreviations and “SMS language”

- avoid the overuse of capital letters which may be perceived as aggressive

- are not spam or floods (repeatedly posting the same message)

5.3 Moderation of Contribution Spaces

France Médias Monde may, at its sole discretion, decide to delete any Comment and/or User Content after it is posted on the Website, should said Comment and/or User Content fail to comply with the provisions in Article 5.2.2, and more generally contravene the provisions of current French legislation.


6. Intellectual property:

6.1 Website elements and Content

The elements contained on the Website, such as text, sounds, images, videos, music, software programmes, databases, logos, trademarks and other reproduced elements are reserved and protected under intellectual property law (in particular copyright, related rights and trademark law). These protected elements are the property of France Médias Monde and/or its partners.

Under the rules relating to intellectual property, any reproduction (including by downloading, printing, etc.) or representation, in whole or in part, adaptation, translation, transformation and/or transfer to another website of one or more of the aforementioned elements is prohibited without prior written authorisation from France Médias Monde and/or the rights holders. Any unauthorised use of any of these elements constitutes an infringement of copyright and could result in civil and/or criminal prosecution and the payment of damages.

France Médias Monde grants the User non-transferable, free, non-exclusive, personal and private authorisation to use the Services and the Website solely for personal and private use, in strict accordance with the terms of use laid down in these GTU.

6.2 Trademarks

The trademarks of France Médias Monde and of its partners, including the logos on the Website, are registered trademarks and as such protected by industrial property law (Article L 713-2 of the French Intellectual Property Code et seq). The use of these trademarks or logos is prohibited, unless prior and express authorisation has been given by their owners. Any unauthorised use of a protected trademark or logo constitutes an infringement of copyright and could be brought before the judicial authorities.

6.3 User Contributions

Each User guarantees to France Médias Monde that he/she has the necessary user rights for posting Comments and/or User Content on the Website.

As a result, all Users transfer to France Médias Monde the right to reproduce, represent, copy, modify, reformat, re-publish, communicate, distribute, adapt and generally use all or part of the Comments and/or User Content on the Website, as well as on its versions regardless of how they are accessed, free of charge and on a non-exclusive basis, for the entire period during which the intellectual property rights possibly relating to his/her Comments and/or User Content are legally protected.

These rights are transferred throughout the world for all uses on all media and by any dissemination processes currently known or unknown.

Under the application of Article 5.2.1, by which the User expressly acknowledges and accepts that some Comments and/or User Content may be reformatted for technical reasons only, the User hereby assigns the necessary adaptation rights. No substantive changes shall be made to the Comments and/or User Content without the User’s express prior consent.

The User expressly acknowledges and accepts that no use of Comments and/or User Content by France Médias Monde under these Terms of Use shall give rise to any financial compensation.



7. Hyperlinks


7.1 Simple hyperlinks

A simple hyperlink is defined as a link which only gives access to the Website’s homepage.

Apart from cases where the simple link comes from a website disseminating information and/or content which is illegal and/or political, religious, pornographic or xenophobic in character, it is possible to create a simple link from a legal website.

7.2 Deep hyperlinks and Player

A deep hyperlink is defined as a link which gives access to a specific page on the Website without going through its homepage.

The Video-Player and/or Audio-Player embedded in a third-party website provides access to the Website video and/or audio Content by making it appear in a frame on the said third-party website or by providing direct access to one or more items of Content.

The creation of any deep hyperlink and any embedded Video-Player and/or Audio-Player is prohibited unless it has been previously and expressly authorised by France Médias Monde through an agreement.

7.3 Hyperlinks from the Website

Hyperlinks contained on the Website may lead to other third-party websites. Users are solely responsible for their visits to such third-party websites. France Médias Monde cannot be held liable for having provided the User with this hyperlink and the content on such third-party websites. Under no circumstances may the User hold France Médias Monde liable for direct or indirect damage suffered as a result of using a third-party website accessible from the Website.

8. Special recommendations for international users

France Médias Monde allows the Website to be accessed from any country, subject to current local legislation and any applicable restrictions imposed by it. Any User accessing the Website from a computer located outside French territory expressly acknowledges that he or she has read, understood and unreservedly accepted the terms of these GTU and undertakes to comply with local legislation and any applicable restrictions in the country concerned.

Some Content on the Website cannot be accessed from certain countries, owing in particular to territorial restrictions imposed by rights-holders or limited dissemination rights. Consequently, Users who access the Website from computers located in these excluded territories are prohibited from using any system for circumventing tracking measures designed to enable access to such content from these territories.

9. Liability


9.1 Accessibility of the Website and Services

The Website and the Services are accessible 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. France Médias Monde shall do its utmost to guarantee the accessibility of the Website and Services. However, France Médias Monde shall not be held liable for the risk of interruption or malfunctioning related to the connection, maintenance operations, editorial updating, network and/or information system congestion, intrusion by unauthorised third parties and contamination by any viruses circulating on said networks and services, internal or external strikes, improper configuration or use of the computer by the User or any other cause within or beyond its control.

France Médias Monde may not be held liable if the interruption or deterioration of the quality of the Website and Services is due to the occurrence of a case of force majeure. A case of force majeure is considered to be any force majeure event or fortuitous event as defined by current French legislation and the case law of the French Court of Cassation.

9.2 Editorial content

France Médias Monde undertakes to do everything possible to guarantee the truthfulness and accuracy of the information available on the entire Website, but may not be held liable for its inaccuracy, nor for the use and interpretation made of it by the User.

Therefore, France Médias Monde shall not be held liable for any direct or indirect damage, ancillary or incidental, resulting from the use of the Website or any information obtained from the Website.

France Médias Monde reserves the right to make improvements and/or modifications to the Website and its Services at any time without prior notice.

In general, the User holds France Médias Monde harmless against any appeals or actions by any person and their possible financial consequences, based on or resulting directly or indirectly from his or her actions, or arising from the use of the Website by the User as well as any alleged breach of the GTU or current regulatory provisions and indemnifies France Médias Monde in respect of any appeals including litigation that may result.


10. Confidentiality policy


10.1 Personal data

In accordance with the French Law No. 78-17 of January 6, 1978 on Data Processing, Data Files and Individual Liberties, the Website has been declared to the National Commission for Information Technology and Civil Liberties.

France Médias Monde processes personal data collected from Users on the Website when they use the Website to:

1) create a User Account: France Médias Monde needs the personal data gathered on this occasion in order to send newsletters and news alerts to interested Users

2) visit the “Contact us” section: the personal data gathered on this occasion is necessary both for using and navigating the Website, and for working and/or embarking on a business relationship with FMM (France 24).

The personal data collected for such purposes is as follows:

- Surname and first name

- E-mail address

- Telephone number

- Country

- Language

- IP address

- Browser and version

- Telephone provider

- Mobile advertising ID (IDFA/GAID)

- Profile photo

- CV

The purpose of the personal data processing operations is as follows:

  • Create and manage the User Account
  • Customise the user editorial and/or advertising experience on our environments
  • Allow the User to receive newsletters, information and alerts (push notifications)
  • Respond to User enquiries
  • Compile statistics on the number of visits to the various sections of the digital Platform
  • Enable Users to contribute to the Website by publishing Comments and/or User Content
  • Identify Users in the event of misuse of the Website regarding the publishing of Comments and/or User Content

When creating or managing his/her User Account, the User has the option of subscribing to the Website’s newsletters. The User can unsubscribe at any time by clicking on the link provided for this purpose in the e-mails sent to him/her in this context.

In accordance with the French Law No. 78-17 of January 6, 1978 on Data Processing, Data Files and Individual Liberties, the User has the following rights:

  • the right to object to the processing of his/her data, for legitimate reasons
  • the right to access his/her processed data
  • the right to request that his/her data is rectified, completed, updated, blocked or erased if it is inexact, incomplete, ambiguous, out-of-date or if its collection, use, communication or retention is prohibited.

Such requests must be sent using the “Contact Us / I have another question or comment” form available for this purpose on the Website.

If changes are made to the data processing rules, the Users who have created User Accounts shall be informed and asked for their consent.

10.2 Cookies

10.2.1 Users are advised that cookies may be installed automatically on their browser software when they visit the Website. A cookie is a file, often anonymous, containing data, in particular a unique identifier, sent by the Website server to the User’s browser and stored on his/her hard drive. Each time a User visits the Website, these cookies enable comprehensive statistical studies to be carried out on the Website audience, the identification of the User if applicable and the study of User behaviour in the various sections of the Website in order to improve the organisation of the Website and the Services as well as User navigation.

The cookies themselves do not enable a User to be identified, merely the computer he or she is using. The cookies identify the Website pages the computer User has visited and the length of time spent on them.

10.2.2 Users can decline to accept cookies by configuring the settings in their browser (Article 10.2.4). However, by refusing the installation of cookies, some Website functionalities may not be available.

10.2.3 There are two distinct types of cookies:

- France Médias Monde cookies: these are placed on the computer’s browser software by France Médias Monde to cater for Users’ navigation, optimisation and customisation requirements for the Website Services: analytics cookies (@ Internet); technical cookies to help the Website function (Enseighten) and navigation customisation cookies.

- Advertising cookies: These cookies are used to present advertisements to Users and/or send information tailored to their areas of interest on the Website while they are browsing. They are particularly used for advertisement and/or information management.

The refusal of these advertising cookies does not affect the use of the Website. The refusal of the advertising cookies will not stop the advertising on the Website, but will lead to advertisements being displayed which do not take into account Users’ areas of interest, geolocation or preferences.

These advertising cookies are mainly third-party cookies which emanate from advertising agencies and/or partners (e.g.: Google, Teads, Outbrain, Facebook, etc.), and which, as such, cannot be comprehensively controlled by France Médias Monde.

10.2.4 Users may decide to uninstall these cookies at any time. The browser can also be configured to signal the installation of new cookies which Users can decide whether or not to refuse.

Users may accept or refuse cookies either on an individual basis or systematically.

Users may manage, disable or enable cookies by changing their browser settings as follows:

Edge / Internet Explorer

  • In Edge or Internet Explorer, click on Tools, then on Internet Options.
  • Click on Settings in the Browsing History section of the General tab.
  • Click on Show Files.


  • From the Tools menu, select Options.
  • In the window that pops up, select Privacy and click on Show Cookies.


  • In your browser, select the Edit menu > Preferences.
  • Click on Security.
  • Click on Show Cookies.

Google Chrome

  • Click on the Tools menu icon.
  • Select Settings.
  • Click on the Advanced Settings tab and access the Privacy & Security section
  • Click on Content Settings, then on Cookies.

11. Final provisions

These GTU are subject to and interpreted in accordance with French law. Any ongoing dispute relating to the interpretation, application or execution of these GTU which is not resolved by compromise within 30 (thirty) days following notification of the dispute by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt, shall be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Nanterre courts (France).

Should any part of the provisions of these GTU prove to be illegal, invalid or inapplicable for whatever reason, the term or terms in question will be declared invalid and the remaining terms shall retain their full force and effect and continue to apply.

In no case shall the non-application or the absence of a claim for application of any of the provisions whatsoever in these GTU or of any right whatsoever, by France Médias Monde be interpreted as a waiver by the same of such a provision or right, unless France Médias Monde agrees otherwise in writing.

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