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One year after devastating bushfires in Australia, have lessons been learned?


In this week's edition we focus on Australia, where catastrophic bushfires scorched more than 18 million hectares of land in 2020. The main causes were a drought, hot and windy weather, plus climate change. As experts say the country should expect worse in the years to come, FRANCE 24's correspondents Richelle Harrison and Gregory Plesse take a look at how authorities are preparing. But have the lessons been learned from last year?


Meanwhile, a growing number of Mongolians are learning the ancient Mongol script. It comes after protests by their kinfolk in the Chinese autonomous region of Inner Mongolia. There, people were angry over reforms that would replace Mongolian with Mandarin in schools.

Finally, as an amateur sumo wrestling champion in Japan, Hiyori Kon is used to taking on large opponents, but now she's facing the biggest one yet: sexism in one of the world's oldest sports. In Japan, women are still barred from competing professionally, but the athlete dubbed Little Miss Sumo is hoping to change that.

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