Covid-19: Vaccine drive underway in India amid transparency concerns


With India hoping to vaccinate 300 million people against Covid-19 by August, the challenges are more than just logistics. Many are worried about transparency. Critics say one of the vaccines that was granted emergency approval was rushed out despite a lack of data. Our correspondents Diya Gupta and Thomas Denis report from New Delhi.


Meanwhile, a recently published book sheds light on the oppression facing Uighur Muslims in China. "Survivor of the Chinese Gulag" is the testimony of a Uighur woman, Gulbahar Haitiwaji. She was lured back from France to China, where authorities arrested, interrogated and abused her. Finally free after three years of torture, she has decided to tell her story.

And the Covid-19 pandemic is changing the face of plastic surgery in South Korea. Demand has skyrocketed with people eager to get work done, since face masks can help hide the post-op bruising.

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