Vietnam War: One woman's battle over toxic chemical Agent Orange


A French court has dismissed a lawsuit against more than a dozen multinationals that produced and sold Agent Orange to US troops during the Vietnam War. The case was filed in 2014 by Tran To Nga, a Franco-Vietnamese woman who says she's suffered numerous medical problems after being exposed to the toxic substance, which was used by the US army to destroy dense jungle and crops during the war. She says she plans to appeal the court's decision. We take a closer look.


Also in this edition, we head to Afghanistan, which is reeling from its deadliest attack in over a year, after a series of bombs exploded outside a girls' school in a predominantly Shiite suburb of Kabul. Violence has soared in the country since early May, the missed deadline for the US to withdraw the last of its troops. After more than four decades of war, the majority of Afghans carry with them the psychological scars of conflict. Psychologists have started taking to the airwaves, as our correspondents Shahzaib Wahlah, Sonia Ghezali and Jamail Baseer report.

Meanwhile, restrictions on foreign travel are still in place around the world due to the Covid-19 pandemic. But for China, where infection rates are extremely low, that means an explosion in domestic tourism. In stark contrast to the Lunar New Year, when Chinese people were told to stay at home, the latest national holiday has seen authorities encouraging people to explore the country. We tell you more.

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