Taliban takeover in Afghanistan: What consequences for the wider region?


In this week's edition, we explore what the turmoil in Afghanistan could mean for the wider region, from emboldened extremist groups to political realignment. To understand what's at stake, we talk to Michael Kugelman, deputy director and senior associate for South Asia at The Wilson Center think tank.


Images of the sweeping but scrambled evacuation operation in Kabul made headlines around the world. But far less reported was the fate of the tens of thousands of men, women and children, some from ethnic minorities, who fled on foot. The decision to flee is not an easy one: refugees often have little to no rights and a poor quality of life. We take a closer look.

Meanwhile, a decade after the Fukushima meltdown, problems remain. Earlier this year, the government decided that hundreds of tonnes of water used to keep damaged reactors cool will be released slowly into the Pacific Ocean. But not everyone is on board. Our correspondents Aruna Popuri, Constantin Simon, Ryusuke Murata and Justin McCurry report.

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