Migrants in Calais, Covid-19 vaccination in Rwanda and guerrilla tourism in El Salvador


In our show "Correspondence", we explore how the world is coping with the twists and turns of 2021, amid the consequences of Covid-19 and beyond. FRANCE 24 brings you a selection of original reports from our correspondents and teams around the globe.


Our reports:

>> In the French Channel port of Calais, hundreds of refugees and migrants are still hoping to reach the United Kingdom, a journey which has become even harder in the wake of Brexit.

>> Young Guinean migrant Alia Camara crossed several hurdles en route to Europe, but now he looks set to achieve his dream: he's been taken on by a football team in the Greek capital Athens.

>> As countries scramble to roll out vaccines against Covid-19, the African nation of Rwanda says it's ready for the challenge, based on the experience of past campaigns.

>> And El Salvador is seeing a new trend in tourism, as former guerrillas help visitors learn about the country's bloody 1980s civil war.

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