Clashes in Central African Republic, exodus in Tunisia and landmines in Iraqi Kurdistan


In our show "Correspondence", we explore how the world is coping with the twists and turns of 2021, amid the consequences of Covid-19 and beyond. FRANCE 24 brings you a selection of original reports from our correspondents and teams around the globe.


Our reports:

>> ln the Central African Republic, violence has flared up in the wake of the presidential election. Armed groups have derailed polling in many parts of the country and are on the move towards Bangui. Our correspondent Clément di Roma reports from the city of Boali, where the army is fighting back with the help of the UN and Russia.

>> In Tunisia, the economic situation doesn't seem to have improved, 10 years after the revolution and the fall of Ben Ali. Since 2017, the number of young people attempting to cross the Mediterranean to Italy illegally has surged. Our reporters Karim Yahiaoui and Mohamed Farhat went to Sfax to meet those who want to make the risky trip to Europe.

>> Millions of landmines continue to threaten villagers in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. Most of them date back to the Iran-Iraq War in the 1980s, and over the last 30 years some 13,000 people have been killed or severely injured treading on these explosive traps. Our correspondents Jack Hewson and Lucile Wassermann went to hear the story of a Peshmerga veteran who has vowed to rid his land of these mines.

>> France's slow Covid-19 vaccination campaign is coming in for heavy criticism, with Germany often cited as an example. But questions are also being raised across the Rhine. Despite four times more people having received the jab, critics are unhappy with Chancellor Angela Merkel's pro-EU strategy. Our Berlin correspondent Anne Mailliet explains.

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