Covid-19 vaccine rollout in Iran, Sharia law in Thailand and camel milk in Kenya


In our show "Correspondence", we explore how the world is coping with the twists and turns of 2021, amid the consequences of Covid-19 and beyond. FRANCE 24 brings you a selection of original reports from our correspondents and teams around the globe.


Our reports:

>> Thailand is a largely Buddhist country but in four southern provinces close to the Malaysian border, Muslims represent roughly 30 percent of the population. Thailand officially recognises the use of Sharia law for Muslim residents in those areas. Our correspondents Constantin Simon, Didier Gruel and Tuwaedaniya Meringing followed police on their patrols, which often involve searching for young people holding hands.

>> Iran is carrying out its Covid-19 vaccination campaign and like other countries, it's desperate to receive enough doses. Tehran is touting domestic production but has also imported the Russian Sputnik V vaccine and purchased more than 4 million doses through the WHO. Our correspondent Reza Sayah reports.

>> Covid-19 has led to lockdowns in many countries but it also means exploring new paths for artists. This year the Photobrussels festival could not ignore how the pandemic affects the work of photographers. "Expose your inner world" is the theme of the fifth edition of the event held in Belgium's capital until the end of March. Our correspondents Alix Le Bourdon and Dave Keating met with some of the photographers taking part. 

>> Finally, in the Horn of Africa, camel milk is proving increasingly popular. It’ s been hailed for its low-fat content and medicinal value. The milk is also a great business opportunity for breeders in Kenya, with its 4.2 million camels. Our correspondents Elodie Cousin and Bastien Renouil look at this thriving new industry.





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