Covid-19 protesters arrested in Gabon, ICUs overwhelmed in Iraq & deforestation in Ecuador


In our show "Correspondence", we explore how the world is coping with the twists and turns of 2021, amid the consequences of Covid-19 and beyond. FRANCE 24 brings you a selection of original reports from our correspondents and teams around the globe. 


Our reports:

>> In Iraq, another spike in coronavirus infections is putting renewed pressure on a creaking health system. Despite help from international aid agencies, the country lacks doctors, treatments and infrastructure. Our correspondents Lucile Wasserman and Jack Hewson gained access to one of the few intensive care units in the capital Baghdad.

>> Meanwhile, the West African nation of Gabon has some of the toughest anti-Covid restrictions on the continent. But protesting against them can see you end up in jail, as those accused of organising one demonstration found out. Ismaël Obiang, Landry Kouassi and Regina Sondo report.

>> We also report on another side to the pandemic in Australia, which is all but free of Covid-19. With society and the economy open, the country has become a refuge for several industries, including cinema. It's even replacing Hollywood as a location for a host of US blockbusters. Our correspondents Richelle Harrison and Gregory Plesse report.

>> Finally, we head across the Pacific to Ecuador, a country ravaged by deforestation. But locals in one region are fighting back by re-planting trees, with the help – on the face of it at least – of a logging company. Thomas Nicolon reports.

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