Music show: E from The Eels on the band's new album 'Earth To Dora'


Some 24 years ago, American alternative rock band The Eels released the song "Novocaine For The Soul", leading them into music charts across the world and making them hot favourites among indie lovers. Over the years they've continued to craft beautiful, sensitive pop songs and rock out on tour. Although live shows may be on hold for now because of Covid-19, the band are this week releasing "Earth To Dora": a thirteenth studio album which features their trademark melancholy pop tones as well as cheerleading bangers. We caught up with frontman Mark Oliver Everett, aka E, to find out more.


Also on this week's show, we check out new music by Belgium Congolese artist Lous and the Yakuza, British pop star Sam Smith and rock veteran Elvis Costello. 

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