Film show: David Fincher resuscitates Golden Age wit ‘Mank’

ENCORE! © Nikolai Loveikis/NETFLIX

The director of “Seven”, “Fight Club” and “The Social Network” has made his latest, critically-acclaimed feature for streaming service Netflix: “Mank” transports us to the Hollywood of the screenwriter responsible for “Citizen Kane”. Film critic Lisa Nesselson tells us why this stylish return to the Golden Age of cinema is a must-see today. We discuss a new ranking of the 21st century’s best actors, tipping our respective caps to France’s Isabelle Huppert.


Huppert also features in a new box set highlighting Claude Chabrol’s finest female protagonists and we take a look at new documentary “Petite Fille” which handles the story of a transgender child with great sensitivity.

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